Saturday, 23 April 2011

Food Intolerance Part 2

Ok, I have just received my email from Food Intolerance Uk inviting me to access my intolerance report on their web server. For this of you who have followed part 1 of this food intolerance project you should be familiar with the results of my Asyra Food Intolerance and Hormone Tests. If you are not please look at my blog I published earlier.

My goal was to compare both methods (blood test and computer probe Asyra) of testing mainly my Food Intolerances and hopefully highlight the fact that both tests reported common foods that I should remove from my diet to assist me in being a healthier individual. Additionally i would blog the results to assist others to decide if they wanted to do a test and indeed which test they would prefer. Now in simplest terms food Intolerances could cause or contribute to a multitude of health conditions such as M.E., Weight Gain, Weight Loss, etc. For more information on them please see or

The Asyra test was carried out at the Health Food Shop in Forfar and the Food Intolerance Uk blood test was done via a DIY kit they send you and can be seen here

Right, enough northers and now time for to contrast and compare the results. Hmmmm, I gotta be honest, I was a bit disappointed. From my previous blog regarding the Asyra tests you can see a considerable list of foods I am sensitive to and should either avoid or limit their intake. The blood test on the other hand, highlighted a total of 5........Now the blood test method concentrated on identifying any antibodies in my blood when subject to 131 foods, so between both test screenings I would probably opt for the blood test method being the truer of the 2.

And now for a listing of the five foods:-

I should limit the intake of Basil, Blueberries, Gluten and Plums. Ok, I think I can do that no problem, however here is the food I should actively remove from my diet:-

Coffee........ Noooooooooo!!!!!!! How am I meant to handle my day job now????

So as you can see there isn't much of a correlation between the 2 tests. When you consider the blood test cost £145 and the Asyra cost £90, I am sorry but I feel that I wasted my £90.

I hope my blogs have been of help to you or help you decide if you want to take a test or which test to take. To assist me in recouping some of my costs and your feeling flush please use the donate button below to donate anything, no gift to big or small....

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