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Food Intolerance Testing Part 1

As you may have already read in Facebook or heard from me directly, in the light of Mike Mahlers Hormone Optimisation lecture, I decided to go for a Food Intolerance test. I searched around a bit, surfing the net and asking around and found that there was to be held a Food Intolerance test in the local health food shop. It turned out that this was to be carried out using an “Asyra” Resonance machine. I again took this information back and searched the net for some inform on how the test is carried out and how it works and became more baffled and intruged by the minute.
At its most simplest, the patient is to hold a brass/copper electrode in each hand and after a few minutes the machine that is connected to the PC applies various electrical impulses through your body. It is apparently harmless and you feel nothing more than a slight pulse in your palms of your hands. The device that is connected to the PC has been calibrated to simulate various energies or wavelength signatures that relate to specific foods, vitamins, minerals, etc. I cannot explain this in depth and suggest if you are interested go to the manufacturers website for more information :-
I took an hour for lunch from my day job, as the test should take around an hour. The actual resonance screening takes only a few minutes, but the initial questionnaire, the briefing of the assessment results and the unfortunate grilling I gave the poor lady that was hosting the screening took up the rest of the time. This all depends on how many of the Screenings you opt for of course. I opted for the Food Intolerance Test, with the Hormone and Metabolic Disturbances this came to the total cost of £90. I left with an 8 page report and a certain amount of appreciation for the test. Some of the results I expected while others did spread some enlightenment Here is a summary from my reports.:-

Energetic Baseline

Good (The following were tested and were acceptable)
Adrenal Gland
Arteries / Veins
Central Nervous System
Connective Tissue
Eustachian Tube
Front Sinus
Large Intestine
Peripheral Nervous System
Pineal Gland
Small Intestine
Sphenoid & Ethmoid Sinus
Thymus Gland
Thyroid Gland
Urinary Tract

Stressed (The following areas need a bit attention and can benefit from diet, vitamins and / or minerals)
Hypothalmus Gland

Weakened (The following is showing definite signs of weakness and will benefit from diet and supplementation)

The following list suggests areas that I need to 'Top Up'
Vitamin, Mineral, Digestive Function

Vitamin Deficiency
Inositol Weakened
Cyanocobalamin Stressed
Menatetrenone Stressed

Supplement Deficiency
Dietry Fibre Weakened

Enzyme Deficiency
Hydrochloric Acid Stressed
Methionine Stressed

Amino Acid
Glutamic Acid Weakened
Tryptophan Stressed
Carnitine Stressed

Fatty Acid Deficiency
Gamma Linolenic Acid Weakened

Hormonal Profile

Vasopressin Weakened
Leptin Stressed
Hydrocortisol Stressed

The following table highlights the food that my body has issues with. The number is out of 100 where the lower the number the less my body wants these foods. The words 'Occasional' and 'Never' are suggestions for the foods inclusion to my daily menu. Occasional is suggested 1or 2 times a week, while 'Never' is NEVER. As you read this, if you know me, there are some foods I am happy to leave out of my shopping lists, but unfortunately and equally there are many foods listed as 'never' eat that I don't know how I will manage to find replacements for.

Food Sensitivity


Wheat – Germ 58 Occasional


Beer 59 Occasional
Herbal Tea 92 Occasional


Butter 39 Never
Egg – white 75 Occasional

Meat & Poultry

Chicken 65 Occasional
Pork 65 Occasional

Fish & Crustaceans

Clam 39 Never


Grapefruit 27 Never
Fig 34 Never
Watermelon 35 Never
Apple 60 Occasional
Lychee 64 Never
Raisin 76 Occasional
Blueberry 78 Occasional


MSG 25 Never
Preservative Mix 41 Never
Sodium Sulphate 42 Never


Black Pepper 37 Never
Marjoram 40 Never
Red Pepper 40 Never
Mint 42 Never
Salt 57 Occasional
Savory 62 Occasional


Celery 37 Never
Lettuce 39 Never
Cabbage 54 Occasional
Beetroot 61 Occasional

Cooking Ingredients

Vinegar 40 Never
Soy Sauce 69 Never
Tofu 75 Occasional

Nuts and Seeds

Almonds 30 Never


Kidney Bean 62 Occasional

Sugars and Sweeteners

Brown Sugar 40 Never
High Fructose Corn Syrup 75 Occasional

Any foods or drinks not on the above list are deemed as acceptable for the well being of my body.
Well thats all I have for you readers at the moment. I will also be subjecting myself to the blood type food intolerance test but that is £145 from Food Intolerance UK (google it guys !!!). I will be posting my results from that test too and I am hoping that both sets of results can be collated with some common areas. I am also hoping to contrast and compare my results.
Since this is costing me quite a bit, if this has or is helping you decide which path you would like to take. Please feel free if you would like to donate something to my ever growing bill using via paypal. I would appreciate it!
Thank you for your interest and reading this blog. I am hoping this was useful or helpful to you.

If you are interested in getting this test done yourself and stay in Scotland, please contact the Asyra Therapist on 07817 663209 or email
In Health,

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